When you give a photographer a hotel room…

I don't often have hotel rooms after working weddings and I don't always take sexy self portraits in them when I do, but yesterday I did so I did!

Taking self portraits is always such an interesting experience. What lens to use? Do I set up a timer and tripod or just wing it with hand holding and awkward angles? What images am I even trying to take?

This shoot came to life pretty much on its own. Going through after the fact and noticing which shots are my favorites has been a really thought provoking exercise. For instance, I noticed that I don't make eye contact--hell my eyes aren't even open in these shots--and the photos are also very much focused on my face. The face part surprised me tbh because I wasn't feeling my face and was figuring I would be aiming more at my body. Thinking about it now, it makes so much sense.

I've been extra struggling with my feelings around my body lately. What feels good, what feels sexy, what feels like me; I'm not sure right now. A good leg shot or curve of hips always felt like the safe sexy image to take for me, but that wasn't what I was into last night.

And then there's the vibe or aesthetic or mood or emotion of the images. So much of BFAB has been the exploration of bodies themselves. Shapes, sizes, positions, angles, etc. The images I took last night feel like they're showing off an energy not just skin. I'm thinking a lot about boudoir vs fine art nude vs portraiture and what if any real difference there is. Does what I'm saying with an image actually define anything about the image? I don't know. I do know I'll be thinking about this for a while more.

But now...photos!

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