V – Queer, trans, activist, she/her pronouns

M – she/her, queer mama and business owner

John – he/him, hedonist, switch, playful polyamorist

Ric⁠- he/him, straight, POC nerd, photographer, rennie, flirty, married

Danni – She/Her, Artist, Body Piercer, Queer, Pansexual, Switch

Sammber: a Genderfluid Queer Medical Educator and All Around Bad Ass

Synn – she/her, queer white nerd, married, polyamorous, kink tendencies

Carl – he/him, polyam, electronics tinkerer, weird

Taylor – she/her, pansexual BIP0C, 27

Rory – they/them, My name is Rory, my gender is Rory, my orientation is Rory, my description is Rory, etc etc.

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